welcome to aakruti architects

aakruti as the name suggests form and appearance are the raw materials of any architectural form and from them the architect creates an ordered expression through the process of composition through scale, light, material texture and colour.

the central concern of the practice is design excellence, achieved through collaboration with clients and specialists ranging from structural to cost consultants. research and development are areas of primarily importance for aakruti architects and designers to achieve the objectives in functionality, beauty and quality. thus it serves both the utility and aesthetic aspect.

office profile

aakruti architects and designers a multidisciplinary architectural design based firm established in 2004 with one rented computer. this pune based firm has dealt with more than 300 projects. the range of projects dealt includes from hospitality buildings, educational buildings, shopping malls, corporate offices, high rise buildings to individual bungalows.

office set up

  • our company has a own office structure , well furnished to provide the working environment conducive for design and development work. all the necessary office infrastructural facilities are available in house.
  • office premises consist of 1350 sq.ft. all in lan connection, 4 drawing / document printing, plotting and scanning facilities and modern equipments systems.


our goal is to turn our clients requirements in architectural concepts then into realties within budget. to earn Our clients confidence through innovative design and successful completion of projects.


aakruti works on the latest platform and design to match international standard while developing the design for Infrastructure projects. to be recognized as one of the leading architectural based firm that aspire to design better tomorrow.

organization chart

we have an excellent architecture team that works exclusively on Infrastructure projects. a team comprise of draftsmen, interior designers along with founder architect who continuously endeavor to maintain high standard of design from the aesthetic and utility point of view.there is a separate department for licensing work.


our unparalleled respectful, knowledgeable and honest service is prime reason our clients (all reputed builders) with us & some industrial, Institutional firms.